Month: March 2021

Are Celebrities Killing Boxing?

Many boxing fans in the Hudson Valley claim that boxing is a dying sport Discussions of boxing being a dying sport have been increasing over the last twenty years. While names like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Rocky...

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Are Legendary Fighters Making a Comeback?

Poughkeepsie boxing fans are excited to see if Tyson continues to fight in his 50’s The average boxing career lasts 16 or 17 years. Over the years, a fighter may switch weight classes, change trainers, change preparation,...

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Do the Rules of MMA Need To Change?

Mixed martial artist Aljamain Sterling confused and disappointed to win due to disqualification Most Saturday evenings, the UFC is being streamed live on ESPN. Either a pay-per-view event, or a free televised event known as a...

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Is Boxing Taking Over MMA?

Throughout the brief yet illustrative history of mixed martial arts, many styles and martial arts disciplines have caught the eyes of athletes, commentators and audiences alike. From the days of the one-gloved boxer stepping...

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