Poughkeepsie MMA fighter Karl Nemeth has become one of the best martial arts coaches in the area.

Distance management is a necessary skill for any fighter or martial arts practitioner. The jab and teep are two of the most common strikes used to keep someone at a long distance. However, the side teep allows us to expand our striking range and hit our opponents when they think that they are at a safe distance.

In this video, Coach Karl goes over four side-teep setups that he likes to show to his Hudson Valley MMA classes.

The first setup that Coach Karl goes over is a counter after our opponents hits us with a teep. As their teep pushes you back, catch yourself and spring off of your back foot launching your side teep. The second setup involves your opponent “hollowing” their mid section to avoid the teep. They hollow to be just out of range of the standard teep, then you immediately fire your side teep; effectively extending your range. The third setup is very similar to the second; we teep our opponent, then fire our side teep right after. Fighters will frequently end an exchange with a teep, so we fire a longer strike right after our standard teep. The fourth setup is a psychological setup. People will frequently mimic their opponents body language, so if you relax, they will often relax as well. If you can relax your posture and then fire your explosive side teep as they relax, its very likely to land and catch them off guard.

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About the Author

Oliver Swanson is an avid martial arts practitioner and a lifelong Hudson Valley resident. A Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt, amateur boxer and NASM Certified Personal Trainer; Oliver spends most days teaching and assisting classes at Precision Boxing and MMA.