Coach Marcus demonstrating the “squat and turn” to break down the slip.

Slipping punches can seem scary to new boxers and can seem hard to do in real time. It’s common for beginners to take the term “head movement” literally and just lean their upper body, causing them to lose balance. One of the benefits of slipping punches is that each slip shifts your weight in your stance to load for counter punches. If you’re off-balance as you slip it will be extremely difficult to come back with any meaningful offense.

In the video above, Coach Marcus from Precision Boxing and MMA goes over his simple method of slipping. He breaks down the slip into a “squat and turn”. This way the boxer stays balanced, keeping their weight over their hips allowing them to plant their feet for powerful punches. When slipping to his rear side, Coach Marcus breaks down the slip as a small squat followed by a small turn of the shoulder. He pulls his rear shoulder back as he slips towards his rear side, enabling him to be loaded for punches from his rear side. When slipping to his lead side, he just reverses the order of operations. He turns towards his lead side, pulling his lead shoulder back and giving a slight squat. From here he is loaded to fire any punch off of his lead side.

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About the Author

Oliver Swanson is an amateur boxer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt living in the Hudson Valley. An avid martial arts practitioner, Oliver teaches classes at Precision Boxing and MMA six days a week. When he’s off the mats he loves spending time with his family.