Getting to someones back is widely considered to be the most advantageous position in hand to hand combat. In striking you’ll see combatants cutting angles to be able to hit their opponent from angles where they may be momentarily safe from their opponents offense. In grappling you’ll see a similar pattern. Most experienced grapplers will use hand fighting to create avenues to get behind their opponents. In our Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes, we make sure all of our students are equipped with many methods of getting to someones back!

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The first entry shown in the video at the top of the page is an arm drag. This involves stepping towards your opponent as you pull them past you to get to their back. Using your lead hand, grip their same side arm thumb down. From here, reach your rear hand to trap their tricep. Step in and use this grip to pull them past you, exposing the back.

The next technique discussed in this weeks video is the duck under. This time starting from a neutral position where each person has a collar tie with their rear hand and arm control with their lead hand. To execute the duck under, simply step to the outside, lift your opponents arm, drop your rear knee and pull them past you. From here, turn the corner towards them and you’ll find yourself in the same rear clinch as before.

Coach Brian demonstrating the duck under.

Our final back take option is the slide by. This also starts with the opponent getting a collar tie with their rear hand. This time, we’ll grab an overtie on the same side with our lead hand. From here, use your rear hand to go over their bicep and hooking onto their tricep. From here, step in and turn your head away as if someone is tapping you on your rear shoulder. As you do this, pull them past you once again locking up the rear clinch.

Coach Brian shucking the arm for the slide by

Any of these entries will set you up for the broomstick finish. From the rear clinch, get one leg over the front of their leg as if inserting traditional hooks. From here, allow the foot of that leg to stretch so that the top of your foot is pressed against the back of their leg behind the knee. Extend that foot forward as you fall backwards to bring them down. Check out the video at the top for all the key details!

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About the Author

Oliver Swanson is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt and amateur boxer teaching classes at Precision Boxing and MMA six days a week. An avid martial artist, Oliver spends most of his time on the mats. When he’s away from the gym he loves finding new music and spending time with his dogs.