Ashi Garami, literally translating to ‘leg entanglement’ is a position that can lead to many different attacks. The standard ankle log is great, but can be difficult if the partner flexes and straightens their leg known as “putting on the boot”. To combat this, Coach Brian shows the Aoki Lock. He changes from standard ankle lock grip to push the foot forward and put the flat of the foot against his body. He brings his attacking side armpit over the toes and grabs his opposite bicep with his attacking side hand. From here tilting sideways towards the foot will pressure the heal up and the toes down for the break.

Poughkeepsie BJJ Black Belt Brian McLaughlin demonstrating the Aoki Lock

The second option that Coach Brian discusses in the video at the top of the page is the Paulson Lock. He puts his secondary hand right underneath the heel, while his other hand goes over top of the toes. Grabbing his hands together in an S-grip, he presses his forearm against the top of the foot. With the foot on his left side, Coach Brian pressures down with his left and up with his right hand to get the tap.

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In response to this, uke may commonly turn their toes down towards your butt to alleviate the pressure. This will expose them to the outside heel hook.

Coach Brian McLaughlin demonstrating the outside heel hook.

The final variation, referred to as the reverse ankle lock requires Coach Brian to bring his secondary hand underneath the ankle, grabbing onto his attacking side bicep in rear naked choke style. From here he leans straight back, driving through the achilles.

The reverse ankle lock

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Oliver Swanson is an amateur boxer and Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt under head coach Brian McLaughlin. Teaching classes at Precision Boxing and MMA six days a week, Oliver is an avid martial arts practitioner. When he’s off the mats Oliver loves spending time playing music and hanging out with family.