The omoplata is a dynamic position that can serve as a submission but more often used to sweep. Today we’re looking at three different options for straight arm locks to counter common escapes from the omoplata. Typically, people will try to bring their trapped arm from your close hip to your far hip to alleviate any shoulder pressure and spin around to end up on top; escaping the omoplata. The first armlock discussed in the video above depends on anticipating that your partner will move their arm to your close hip. As it moves, catch the arm. With the arm between your legs, curl your heels in, pinch your knees and bend the elbow against your thighs to extend the joint.

Poughkeepsie BJJ black belt Brian McLaughlin demonstrating the first variation of armlock shown in the video at the top of this article.

If they successfully get the arm to the other side, control the arm in any way that you can. As they start circling around, shrimp your knee down to face the mat, hooking the top of your foot around their neck. As they keep cutting around, lift your hip to bring your other leg to the opposite side of their head, putting their head in a vice. From here gently arch your hips to the ceiling to finish.

This second variation is known as the Machado Armbar

The most common way for novice grapplers to escape the omoplata is to simply roll forward. As soon as you feel them roll forward, transition your grip to the elbow, pull them and scoot your hips in to land in a traditional arm bar situation.

Hudson Valley Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners countering the rolling omoplata defense by catching the arm and finishing a traditional arm bar.

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About the Author

Oliver Swanson is an avid martial arts practitioner living in the Hudson Valley. An amateur boxer and Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt, Swanson teaches kids and adult classes six days a week at Precision Boxing and MMA in Poughkeepsie.